Protect Sunnyvale Skies

The City of Sunnyvale is increasingly impacted by air traffic from our regional airports, primarily Mineta San Jose International Airport, San Carlos Airport, San Francisco International Airport, Palo Alto Airport, and Moffett Field. Large commercial jets and smaller general aviation aircraft create increasing air noise in our skies throughout the day and well into the night, affecting the quality of our lives and our environment. The number of flights is increasing, the altitude of the planes is decreasing, and the flight paths are narrowing, all of which combine to increase the air noise impacting our lives.

To learn more about how each of these airports and their flights are changing our lives and, more important, to learn what you can do about it, please click on the tabs above. Also please click on the Tracking Flights tab to learn about tracking and identifying aircraft and why this is helpful.

Complaining to airport management, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and our Congressman is the most effective way to mitigate air noise. The FAA’s decisions about flight paths and noise abatement will be based on the number of complaints made by Sunnyvale residents. Complaining often and continuously is the only way to bring about change. If the number of complaints decreases, officials will think we no longer care.

Learn about the issues, voice your concerns, complain ruthlessly, preserve and protect our quality of life!