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  • On March 22, 2017, in response to a request from Congressman Ro Khanna’s office, the FAA met with Chris Moylan, Director of Congressional District 17, and government officials from Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Mountain View, and San Jose to discuss the air noise affecting these communities by planes arriving to SJC under south flow conditions, and potential ways to mitigate this noise. For details of this meeting and the suggestion that a Roundtable be established for a period of time to monitor any actions taken to mitigate the air noise, see Airport Noise Roundtable Briefing Report
  • For recent actions by San Carlos residents and the San Mateo County Supervisors in response to Surf Air and other air noise issues at San Carlos Airport, see here.
  • The City of Sunnyvale has hired an aviation consultant, Freytag and Associates, to help analyze flight data and draft alternatives to current flight paths over Sunnyvale from area airports. The immediate focus is the Bayside Visual Approach used by Surf Air flights out of San Carlos Airport, in preparation for a meeting sometime in February (not yet scheduled) with the FAA and local officials to discuss results of the six-month trial, which ended January 4, 2017, and next steps for Surf Air in the Bay Area.
  • The City of Sunnyvale has created an email list to keep residents updated on airplane noise issues in Sunnyvale. Residents can send an email to and request to join the list.
  • The City of Sunnyvale held a Town Hall Meeting about air noise issues on October 18. Presentations by San Mateo County and San Jose Airport representatives as well as a video of the entire meeting are available here.
  • The Select Committee on South Bay Arrivals (see here) issued its final report to our local Congress members on November 17, 2016. You can read the report here.
  • An article in the Mountain View Voice (Nov. 22) highlights the Select Committee’s final recommendations to our Congressional representatives and some of the discussions leading to those recommendations.
  • The Los Angeles Times (Nov. 20) reports that Newport Beach is the latest city to sue the FAA over new flight paths that are bringing increased air noise and pollution to the area. You can read about it here.
  • A recent article in Air Transport World provides more information about the contribution of improved navigation systems to increased levels of air noise throughout the country. It also includes hopeful responses from the FAA to growing public frustration with air noise. You can read it here.

Noteworthy perspectives on Sunnyvale air noise from our City officials and our Congressman are available at: