What is Going On

• Responding to complaints from residents of Atherton, Menlo Park, and Palo Alto, San Mateo County and the FAA have begun a six-month experiment of rerouting specific incoming flights to the San Carlos Airport over Sunnyvale. They did this without the knowledge of and input from our City and County officials.

• This rerouting, known as the Bayside Visual Approach, began on July 5 and will continue through early January 2017. At that time, the FAA will decide whether to make this rerouting permanent. They will base their decision on the number of households filing complaints.  

• Most of the rerouted flights (about 22 planes per day) are Surf Air flights. Surf Air is a private, membership-only airline whose business of small nine-seat aircraft is growing rapidly and whose flights into San Carlos airport continue to increase. Expect our skies to become even noisier!

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